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Quality control center

Discussion on the value of continuous quality improvement in quality control We set quality standards for all products and appoint external suppliers of product components that meet our quality standards. In order to ensure the quality and consistency of products All products and functions of SBASE are tested by QC center before production.

Supply chain management and control system

Quality management policy

【1】Establish supplier selection and assessment criteria, in-depth understanding of cooperative enterprises, give play to advantages and avoid risks. Sign the quality assurance agreement to specify the yield standard of parts. If the parts fail to meet the standard, they can be rejected and the right to investigate can be initiated. Green bar attaches importance to and supports environmental protection by signing environmental protection agreement, and helps customers to meet the strict environmental protection laws and regulations in Europe and America.
【2】It advocates long-term cooperation and win-win relationship, and the cooperation with some suppliers has been maintained from the initial stage of enterprise establishment to now.

Organizational structure of quality management

Establish a quality management organization with four representative organizations in the whole process:
【1】 Software and hardware quality acceptance control represented by testing
【2】 The whole process product quality control planning represented by R & D Quality
【3】 Delivery quality improvement represented by quality assurance department
【4】 To improve the company’s system capability and customer satisfaction represented by the quality management department

Whole process quality assurance


IT Error Prevention