Mask disinfection in one minute! Innovation of UVC led “fire rabbit”

//Mask disinfection in one minute! Innovation of UVC led “fire rabbit”

Mask disinfection in one minute! Innovation of UVC led “fire rabbit”

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Greenbar Smart An innovative scheme of disinfection mask and mobile phone is designed, which adopts deep ultraviolet technology to ensure that the bacteria on the mask and mobile phone can be killed within one minute. In addition, this new technology can also be applied to many other places, including cosmetic boxes, toothbrushes, refrigerators, pets, cars and other 26 + fields.

The study found that it is not wise to use chemical products for sterilization on masks, mobile phones, tablet computers and other equipment. To this end, the innovative disinfection equipment designed by Greenbar looks like a fire breathing rabbit, while inside it uses UVC led with wavelength of 270 – 285nm.

In this equipment, we use a small area high-density UVC LED module. We place 12 UVC LEDs in a 3.3cm square space. The output power of each UVC LED is 7 – 12MW, and the actual total output power is 72mw by using effective heat dissipation device. This ensures that the exposure level of 96 μ w / cm2 can be achieved at the height of 9 cm, so as to achieve effective sterilization and disinfection in a short time.

Because this product is very similar to a fire breathing rabbit, and the light power is very strong and the effect is obvious, so the green bar team named it firerabbit. The rabbit belongs to wood in the five elements, which represents benevolence and compassion, and fire represents dedication. Wood makes fire, fire conquers gold, and pulmonary inflammation belongs to gold. The green bar people hope that the fire rabbit can assist the benevolent doctors to support the people in the epidemic To restore health and freedom as soon as possible.

The innovative device for mask and mobile phone disinfection can be applied to clinical departments, private and commercial uses, entertainment and event related markets. The product is expected to be officially launched in mid May 2020, the researchers said.

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