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Understand Greenbar

Shenzhen Greenbar Smart Electronics Co., Ltd Adhering to the concept of “Let light and electricity everywhere”, customer-oriented service awareness and self-discipline requirements beyond self-discipl

The meaning of Greenbar brand:

1. Through the development and design of green and environmentally friendly photoelectric products, we can provide sustainable and ubiquitous light and electricity for human beings;
2. It symbolizes the spirit of green bar people to climb the summit, surpass themselves and challenge new fields

Greenbar culture:
For all staff to seek material and spiritual double harvest
Create ultimate products and services for customers
Bring positive value to society

Make light and electricity everywhere

Sense of worth
1. Pay no less than anyone’s efforts
2. Embrace change and pursue perfection
3. Live out the source and be responsible for the results
4. Take risks, break through and revise constantly
5. Lifelong learning and keeping pace with the times
6. Optimistic, customer first

Products and services

Green bar is determined to create products and services with high appearance, high performance, high experience and high cost performance in the era of overcapacity

Green bar intelligent electronic products are divided into three series

Intelligent lighting series: in the field of intelligent lighting, green bar focuses on the research and development and design of portable lighting lamps, and has its own star products in camping lights, work lights, atmosphere lights, induction lights, UV lamps and other series, creating a new era of portable intelligent lighting.

Portable energy storage series: it is divided into consumer energy storage, commercial energy storage, home energy storage and industrial energy storage. At present, the energy storage power supply developed and designed by green bar ranges from 100W to 6000W, with stable performance, fashionable appearance and durable appearance, which is sold far away at home and abroad.

Solar energy application series: in the field of solar energy clean energy application, the folding solar panel designed and developed by the green bar team is easy to carry and use outdoors. It is laminated with new materials, which is lighter, more efficient, environmentally friendly and durable than the traditional glass lamination.

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