Outdoor travel, you should know these skills

//Outdoor travel, you should know these skills

Outdoor travel, you should know these skills

Life is so long and short. We all want to focus on how to realize our dream of riding, hiking, snow mountain, grassland, rock climbing, surfing, diving, kayaking, camping, etc. as long as we keep walk

The weather is getting warmer and the camping activities are getting hotter and hotter. More and more friends choose to drive to the countryside with three or five friends on weekends to find a beautiful and elegant place for camping and have a pleasant and relaxed weekend.

We should know the basic knowledge about camping in the wild. We must avoid some emergencies or some safety measures. We will introduce the knowledge of camping in the field.

Camping equipment list:

1. Sky screen: rain proof, windproof and sun shading are necessary for camping.

2. Tent: can store mobile home, rain proof and windproof coefficient is better, size according to personal preference.

3. Sleeping bag: as the saying goes, it is bedding. The temperature of sleeping bag is marked on the factory. Generally, in spring and autumn, sleeping bag can prevent about 5 ° low temperature. In cold season, it is better to choose feather sleeping bag with small volume and strong warmth retention.

4. Moisture pad: bed, aluminum foil pad and air cushion. Aluminum foil is thin, waterproof and cool insulation effect is good, inflatable air cushion is comfortable, but the disadvantage is that it is more difficult to store.

5. Folding table and chair: not a must, can be replaced by a picnic mat.

6. Camping lights: outdoor camping lights, solar panels, energy storage, there are so many patterns to choose.

7. Stove: outdoor food depends on it.

8. Seasoning, tableware, multi-functional cutlery, spade, medicine, anti mosquito liquid, daily necessities.

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