New M0 camping lamp launch

//New M0 camping lamp launch

New M0 camping lamp launch

M0 camping lights recently released a new three in one outdoor camping light

This product IP65 waterproof, with magnet function and metal hook, let you not only don’t need to worry about the sudden rain when camping, but also can liberate your hands. Because you can not only attach the lamp to the surface of ferrous metal, but also hang it anywhere. The compact design allows it to take up only a small space in your backpack. In the camping light mode, the product can adjust different brightness for use in different scenes.

In addition, this product can also be used as a flashlight. One end of the lamp section is equipped with strong led beads, with a shooting range of 260 meters and a floodlight of 25 meters. Long press button with stroboscopic function, at the same time with flash emergency function, let you more easily help in the outdoor. The product has the charging function of mobile devices, which can be fixed on the bicycle for night riding.

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