Bring the imoon and enjoy a more relaxed and enjoyable outdoor life!

Romantic human love and chase for the stars never stop, we always look up in the dark, looking at the twinkling stars in the night sky, harvesting or quietly making a wish.Children in a city also have a cautious wish: you can see the stars in the sky when you look up.To satisfy yourself and satisfy your child’s wishes is very simple. Choose one that suits you best in the mountains and rivers, and you can have your own starry sky in the arms of nature!

Camping has a primitive lethal appeal for everyone.Go to the deep mountain jungle, the wilderness field, the beach, the depths of the desert, and meet the Milky Way in the dark night.

However, camping is not a matter of walking and taking a tent to start. From preparation to safe camping, every link has a doorway.

Today Greenbar introduces you to a multi-purpose outdoor camping lights with flashlights, distress lights, charging treasures, lighting, etc. It can greatly reduce the number of items we want to bring, reducing our load, let Our field activities are easier.

outdoor camping lights

iMoon is a new outdoor camping lights from Greenbar smart. It is a flashlight at night. It is a flashlight with a 260m range to illuminate the road ahead; camping in the wild, it is a dark night sun, 158h drives you away from the darkness; It is a flashing atmosphere maker, let you worry about flying youth; outdoor activities, ta is mobile power, 7200mAh power supply for you all day; special scene, it is hope, help, warning signal for you to bring life.

Get a iMoon, you can free your outdoor activities and provide you with safer camping conditions.

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