Get A 4.8KG Portable Solar Battery powered Generator, You Can Move Your Family Party Outdoors

Whether it is outdoor camping, RV self-driving or wilderness survival, mobile phones, video cameras, GPS, refrigerators, computers and other equipment need electricity. The charging treasures that can store electricity alone obviously cannot meet the needs of outdoor sports.

At this time, it is necessary to provide power generation equipment to provide continuous power to ensure outdoor travel safety.

Portable solar battery powered generator enter people’s field of vision

As outdoor tourism heats up in the world, solar energy storage technology continues to develop, costs are declining year by year, portable solar generators are gradually entering the market, and a large number of loyal users are quickly harvested.

Once the portable solar power generation equipment appeared, it became the “toon” of outdoor enthusiasts. Today Greenbar introduces you to a great solar generator.

With this portable solar generator, you can extend the family party to the farther outdoors and experience the new experience of outdoor play.

You and your friends can enjoy iced beer and fresh food in the mobile refrigerator, connect the induction cooker, electric cooker and kettle to showcase the cooking skills and enjoy the fun and taste.

Having said that, let’s take a look at this solar battery powered generator.

Greenbar GB-400 Solar Generator

This solar generator is a product of China’s outdoor portable power brand Greenbar. The capacity reaches 97200 mAh. Compared with the ordinary power supply, the support for the electric appliance is more comprehensive and the output is more stable.

If you only charge small appliances such as smartphones, tablets and flashlights, Greenabr’s power can last a week of outdoor activities.

With a weight of 4.8 kilograms, this generator is small and easy to carry, so it can be easily placed in the trunk of the car to explore or travel.

battery powered generator

At full power, the Greenbar GB-400 portable power supply can power the mini-refrigerator for 10 hours and the laptop 4-6 times.

For photography enthusiasts, the Greenbar GB-400 is also the most solid energy backing: it can be filled with about 30 SLR batteries, 6-7 UAV batteries .

battery powered generator

Of course, the most important thing is that in addition to the amount of electricity stored in the house, the existing Greenbar series are equipped with 18w, 25w, 100w solar panels, which can directly generate electricity by solar panels, and escort the continuous use of various electrical appliances.

in the past, outdoor travel was a torment, because leaving the city to go to the wild meant that people had to stay away from electronic entertainment products. But now, with this solar generator, friends can enjoy the clean air in the wild while playing electronic devices.

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