Greenbar New Design Multifunctional LED Magic Cool Camping Lights-MOON

Greenbar recently launched the multifunctional LED magic cool camping lights MOON, which has many practical functions: flashlight,two charging methods, a mobile power bank through USB connection , and several adjustable lighting modes.It is a powerful and compact lithium battery power bank with 7600mAh battery capacity. IP65 waterproof, can also be used in rainy days.

MOON uses high-power Cree LED as the light source. The light can be fully charged through USB interface. The brightest is 550 lumen. In “weak light” mode, The working time is continuously for 160 hours. In the absence of a power source, magic cool camping lights, you can use a portable solar panel to charge it.

The MOON will be available in the northern hemisphere in the spring of 2019. For outdoor enthusiasts, it will become a must-have for outdoor activities.

magic cool camping lights
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