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Company Introduction

Shenzhen Greenbar Smart Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2016. With the notion of “Beyond Myself”, Greenbar is devoted to providing customers with whole set of products and solutions of outdoor solar charging, energy storage and lighting.

It’s Greenbar’s dream to make light and electricity accessible anywhere anytime. Greenbar is focusing on creating high quality technology products for every outdoor enthusiast in the world. With the spirit of craftsman in developing new items, Greenbar is welcoming the new era for intelligent outdoor adventures.

Technology and products are the core of Greenbar in offering the perfect products that bring customers unprecedented experience in outdoor exploring. Greenbar R&D department has collected the latest technologies that can be applied with continuous innovations and imaginations to produce various more humanized products in the next 2-3 years. We insist on innovation and concentration. It’s our obligation to produce gorgeous and highly cost-efficient products with high-performance and great experience for customers. If not me, then who. Only with this spirit can we lead the revolution of outdoor industry.

Greenbar Culture

Greenbar pays utmost attention to culture. “Respecting Dreams” and “Pursuing Perfection” are Greenbar’s values. Motivated by our dreams, we endeavor to create a pure land of creation, fighting and delicacy, which will attracts and influences more and more people in the same camp.

Enthusiasm, Dream, Innovation, Taste, Delicacy, Sincerity and Original Intention are the core of Greenbar culture. We believe we can only serve our customers at their best satisfaction if we can keep providing better products and technologies along with the influence of our enthusiasm and ultimate values.

Greenbar Development

As the inaugurator in storage of portable green energy, Greenbar specializes in the research, design and manufacturing of power storage, having set up the professional R&D department  and labs for portable power storage products and BMS and cooperated with the authorized R&D organizations of new energy technology. So far Greenbar has won multiple patents of invention, patents of utility models and more than 30 items of design patents.

Greenbar upholds that safety for consumers tops all. Product safety is first principle. In 2017, Greenbar was honored the 2017 most investable enterprise of solar energy storage industry.


Advanced equipments, standard regulation and high efficient working style guarantee timely deliveries of high quality products for customers.

Quality Control

Nine processes of quality control  Pursuit of zero reject ratio

With the vision of ‘Beyond Myself’ , Greenbar is devoted to providing customers with full range of product solutions for outdoor solar charging, energy storage and lighting.

‘Power and light everywhere’ is Greenbar’s vision. Producing products with geek spirit, strive to let every outdoor enthusiast enjoy high-tech products from China and open a new era of intelligent outdoor adventure.

Greenbar focus on the R&D of the products, in order to bring unprecedented outdoor experience to humans through perfect items. Our R&D lab has stocked the latest technology which integrate our creativity and imagination for the next 2 to 3 years. These advanced scientific and technological achievements and humanized design can be applied to various products in our daily life. Greenbar adhere to the concept of innovation and dedication, creates a log of high-sophisticated, high-performance, high-experience and higher cost effective products, and leads the industry to revolution in the spirit of group innovation.

Greenbar Vision

Greenbar Mission

Greenbar Values

Power anywhere,light anywhere. Seeking a double harvest of material and spiritual for all employees Diligence  Strive harder than anyone else
Creating high standards of products and services for our customers Humility  Remain humble
Escorting the dream of the user Reflection Reflect daily
Guiding Shenzhen industrial upgrading GratitudeAppreciate life
Heading to the world with Chinese brands hand in hand BenevolenceDo good deeds and serve others
DetachmentDon’t dwell on the past


Greenbar has improved the R&D efficiency so that to meet market demands by applying the IPD system to developing projects, which has been approved successful in IBM and Huawei.


We believe the sincerity you put into design will be shown in the appearance of the work.
Whether a product is long accepted by the market relies on the width and height of the designers’ thoughts.
Greenbar is committed to producing gorgeous and highly cost-efficient products with high-performance and great experience for customers, by adapting international design ideas and combining technology with humanity, discovering the beauty of beauties in the world.

Strategy of Talents

Greenbar is consisted of a group of foresighted people who do not compromise but keep on making their dreams come true. We believe in hard working but not opportunistic practice. We do things for dreams but not profits. It’s never changed from the very beginning of the founding of Greenbar that we always practice under the guide of brand new cultures, values and methodologies. Greenbar is constructed as a pure business that’s also a stage respecting dreams, where we do our best to explore our company culture and the way of creating distinguished products.

To create powerful Greenbar cultural clusters and an ecological train where more delicate products and technologies can be created and promoted, Greenbar is willing to work closely with the worldwide peer companies who have a clear train of thought and foresight of this industry.

Let every setting out be a great expectation. Go beyond myself. We are improving along with the world.